The 10th International KAMWA Festival will take place on August 7-9, 2015


This year the ethno-futuristic festival KAMWA marks its 10th anniversary. The title of the festival stems from the mythological name of the Kama River, which consists of two finno-ugric words: KAM (man or shaman) and WA (water). The festival slogan is the living flow of time. The KAMWA movement is a bright event in the life of the Perm Region. Each year, the festival attracts dozens of thousands of spectators introducing them to the ethnic culture of different countries and nations and to the original culture of the local indigenous peoples of the Perm Region. KAMWA is a multu-cultural project. It presents different forms of modern cultural phenomena: music, fashion, theatre, and a folk festival with national games, songs, crafts, traditional cuisine.

The previous nine KAMWA festivals have seen over 200 projects from 40 regions of Russia, Estonia, Moldova, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, as well as guests from Finland, Hungary, the UK, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Bulgaria, Germany, India, Norway, Turkey, Morocco, Haiti.

This year, KAMWA will take place in the Khokhlovka Museum of Architecture and Ethnography, on the bank of the Kama River, and will present a unique collection of musicians and artists, including new ones and those that have participated in the previous KAMWA festivals. The organizers have received confirmations from Oratnitza and Kipri duet (Bulgaria), Troitsa trio (Belarus), Trad.Attack! (Estonia), the Russian folk oldie Sergei Starostin and his Zhili-Byli project (Russia), the ethno-electronic project Volga and Anjela Manukyan (Russia, Moscow), Bagpipes and Drums (Saint Petersburg, Russia), Vedan Kolod (Krasnoyarks-Moscow, Russia), Ptitsa Tyloburdo (Izhevsk, Russia).

Oratnitza and Kipri duet (Bulgaria)               Troitsa trio (Belarus)                          Trad.Attack! (Estonia)


Sergei Starostin  (Russia)                         Volga and Anjela Manukyan (Russia)             Bagpipes and Drums (Russia)   


Vedan Kolod (Krasnoyarks-Moscow, Russia)          Ptitsa Tyloburdo (Izhevsk, Russia)

This year, accommodation for musicians, artists and spectators will be provided in the form of an eco-camp with its own infrastructure, sports and games grounds and its own event program including evening concerts and music sessions

This year’s new festival formats are the land art figures of the Ural Myths project with scenic landscape at the background, and the Travelling Scrolls art gallery exhibiting unique works by artists from Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, Udmurtia, Marii  El, Kazakhstan, and Turkey. The exhibition is based on the idea of a scroll as an artist’s message. The exhibition contains over a hundred scrolls.


One of KAMWA’s traditional projects is Ethnomoda (ethnic fashion). Guests of the festival will see collections of reconstructed traditional costumes, modern ethnic fashion, eco-clothes and prêt-a-porter created by both famous and young designers and fashion theatres.


The other attractions on the location are the crafts fair, the Kite Festival and a program of Finnish-Ugric films and documentaries.

See you at the 10th International KAMWA Festival!

The KAMWA Festival is supported by the Ministry of Culture, Youth Policy and Mass Communications of the Perm Region. 

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