Ancient Art

«Perm zoomorphic (or animal) style» is a name given to the famous bronze castings of the native peoples of the Urals. They are one of the most mysterious creations of ancient art, which tells us about our ancestors' view of the world. Cast bronze objects were part of a costume, a talisman and the subject of religious activities and have been found in the sanctuaries, rituals places, hoards. Komi-Permian (people) called them «chudskie obrazki» («chud’ people icons») and mythical people who made it were called «chud’».

The scenes depicted on the castings represent the mythological structure of the world system, which consists of three levels. The lower level is represented by reptiles, insects, amphibians. Medium is the Earth, populated by a cult heroes, people, animals. At the top level of the world live birds, elk heaven, divine beings…

These objects tell the stories of mythological creatures.

According to scientists, badges and items with these «stories» gave people special power, and during rituals people were allowed to ask for help from residents of the three worlds, as well as to travel between the worlds.

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