Land Art Festival "MYTHS OF THE URALS"

«Land Art» is the art direction where the art work is inextricably linked with the natural landscape. Land Art emerged in the U.S. in the 60s, while in Russia it has become fashionable recently, during the last few years.

Festival "Myths of the Urals" is an experimental land art project. Nine invited artists have tried «to enter» land art objects in urban space. The festival was attended by the masters of Perm, Moscow, Ufa, Nizhny Tagil, Syktyvkar and Krasnodar.

Seven art objects were built in the center of Perm in front of the hotel "Ural" for seven days. They were "The Creation" (authors P.Mikushev, J.Lisowsky), "The ridge of Russia" (S. Kostrikov, T. Kostrikova), "The Message" (A. Ivanov), "The Great Chud’" (V. Vasko), "Archive of myths" (E. Rimkevich, S.Subbotin), "Portal" (A. Amber, A. Costin), "Nezveri" (N. Baiburin, M. Kholodilin), "The Flower of Good Luck" (E. Minnahmetova).

Second- and third year students of Perm State Agricultural Academy helped to realize the project.

About 20 excursions for children were carried out within the project limits. All children are interested in applied arts and crafts and engaged in specialized classes and clubs of the city and Perm region.

From June 7 to  June 26 (from the opening of the exhibition till its dismantling), according to representatives of the private security firm that provided the procedure in front of  the hotel "Ural", the exhibition was attended by almost 30 000 residents and guests of Perm.

"Portal" object has earned a special popularity, especially among the young citizens. Entering the Portal everyone could write on the board his or her wish and «send" it to the Universe. The photo near the Gate of "The Creation" in the form of woven ducks has become almost mandatory for participants of the White Nights Festival and guests. And the "gatherings" on a large plaster egg ("Archives of myths") would be nightly tradition among the residents of Perm, if the object was not removed.

Not only ordinary residents of the city, but also representatives of local, metropolitan and foreign journalists have found the exhibition very interesting.

So the camera crew of "Black holes, white spots" show (TV channel "Culture", Moscow) for one and a half hours was working on the land art area, talking to the creators of art objects and asking them about the peculiarities of local indigenous culture of the Urals.



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