Ethno-Futuristic Festival KAMWA

KAMWA Festival in brief.

The first festival took place in 2006, stating Ethnofuturism as a basic format. In the name of the festival the mythological meaning of the word "Kama" is used. (Kama is the name of a large deep river, where Perm city is located). The word «kamwa» consists of two parts, the first one "KAM" means "man", the second syllable "WA" means "water".

Permas the ancient Finno-Ugric area became a hospitable home for representatives of different ethnic groups. In 2007 the festival has acquired international status and became known as International Festival of Modern Ethnic Cultures «KAMWA». The Festival has become one of the most prestigious events in the city and the priority project of cultural development of the Perm Region.

In 2010 the Festival celebrated its anniversary.

For five years of its existence the festival «КAMWA» has become known in Russia and abroad.  

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